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The Quoting/Inspection/Shipping Process

Client request—We quote ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for your business or factory!
Client requests WTS to quote a list of any type of material via fax, e-mail or telephone. 
The list can be of just one item with one manufacturer or many items with several different manufacturers.
WTS can also source new manufacturers for products.

In order to obtain the most competitive price for the client, WTS immediately searches for several different distributors and requests pricing from them as well as directly from the manufacturer. 
We negotiate for you the best price possible.

Specification Review
Upon receipt of the pricing from the vendors, WTS confirms that the goods being quoted meet the required specifications of the end user.

Price Analysis/Quotation
WTS prepares quotations with the most competitive price and delivery time. 
Our quotations will include price, delivery time and estimated unit weights.

Purchase Order/Confirmation
Upon receipt of client's Purchase Order, WTS orders the material immediately. 
WTS confirms receipt of Purchase Order with client.

Purchase Order/Follow Up
In order to ensure quick and accurate delivery of the goods, our staff keeps close track of every order placed. 
WTS confirms with the vendor that the goods will be delivered within the time stipulated.
If at anytime an order is delayed, WTS will try to improve delivery and notify the client immediately.

Unpack/Inspection Process
Upon receipt of goods, WTS unpacks and inspects EVERY single item. 
Each item is inspected for damage.
All items are cross-checked with the client's Purchase Order and all product specifications are verified.


Repack for Air or Ocean
If there is no damage to the material and all specifications match the client's Purchase Order, the goods are professionally RE-packed for maximum protection for shipment via air or ocean. 
A digital photograph is taken of EVERY item of EVERY shipment before it leaves our warehouse.


Precise Document Preparation
In order to avoid penalties and fines with customs, all invoices are prepared carefully so that the materials being shipped are labeled and are identical to the description on the invoice. 
We ensure the part/model number, manufacturer's name and country of origin on the invoice match the goods shipped.

WTS delivers the shipments to the airport or seaport.  (In most cases, shipments made through our forwarder already include all airport delivery/handling fees.) 
WTS can also deliver shipments to a forwarder of your choice or your forwarder may choose to pick goods up at our warehouse.

Shipment Confirmation
On the day of the shipment, WTS advises the client that the goods have shipped by faxing the appropriate documents.
WTS confirms with the airline or ocean carrier, after-the-fact, that the goods have indeed flown or sailed.  In case of delay, the client is notified.

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